What The Heck?

Impeached! is a table top board game for 2-8 players that centers around the first term of our 45th President. Whether a fan or a foe of Mr. Trump, it is hard to deny that the President is a unique and colorful character!

Impeached! imagines President Trump’s first term and quest for reelection. Let’s face it, reelection is hard: Presidents must do their best to avoid the many pitfalls that can occur during their term - health problems, trouble with Congress, the temptation to corruption, damaging leaks, pesky reporters, foreign intrigue – and all while trying to make good on their campaign promises, keep their approval rating up, and keep that all-important campaign cash rolling in. Being President is not an easy task for anyone and may be especially challenging for Donald J. Trump who has never before held elected office. Like President Trump, the game is a mixture of the factual and the fanciful. Factual elements include trivia from Mr. Trump’s life, anecdotes and historical facts from the 2016 election campaign, and news items from the Presidents’ first 100 days in office. Fanciful elements include invented scenarios on potential corruption and ways to make or lose campaign cash, exaggerations on Presidential powers, and impossible levels of approval rating along with hilarious ways approval rating can change. Luck, skill, and strategy combine with outrageousness and humor to keep things rolling. We believe that Impeached! is as much of an out-of-the ordinary experience as a game as Mr. Trump is as a President.

We’ve played the game with friends and acquaintances and they really liked it. They thought the game was well balanced: complicated enough to satisfy those who are competitive and trying to win while also being easy to understand and humorous enough to keep those who are more interested in the social aspects of board games engaged. Our players  enjoyed trying to determine the best way to win reelection – Should you do anything to accumulate money? Keep squeaky clean? Take risks? Stay conservative?.... They also enjoyed the reminders of all the surprising things that went on in the 2016 campaign, learning some factoids about Mr. Trump, and the preposterous fictitious scenarios that pop up throughout the game. Our test players commented that just as in real life, Impeached! points out that there is always an element of luck involved in Presidential elections.